White Wood

It’s been a tough couple of weeks here. A number of things kind of hit us at once along with my sweetie getting a knee replacement and now going through the very unfun recuperation process. All of the wood in the kitchen that I liked also got covered with paint.

Mark assembling a panel with pocket screws for stain sampling.B1200Xww 100

Jesse installing some chair rail.B1200Xww 101

B1200Xww 102

Kitchen drawers ready for painting.B1200Xww 103

The now obligatory conservatory sunset shot. I’ll have to get an early morning foggy sunrise one of these days.B1200Xww 104

Mark and Jesse. If you could choose your relatives then these guys would be at the top of the list.B1200Xww 105

Sergey staining the bench in the mudroom.B1200Xww 106

Grooming the nordic ski trails by our house. The side they’re doing here is for skate skiing, snow shoeing and hiking. It’s groomed flat with slight ripples using a portion of the groomer called a tenderizer that grinds up the snow and softens it a bit. On the back of the Tidtech Groomer you can see the track setters for classic skiing. On the way back on the other side of the trail they’ll lower those so that after the tenderizer they will set tracks for classic skiing. There are two pair of tracks with people generally skiing in the right pair though when it’s not busy I can ski on the left next to my sweetie. Nordic skiing is one of my favorite winter activities so I’m very thankful for how well they care for the trails.

B1200Xww 107

Panelling in the living room is looking good. The portion to the right will be painted white.B1200Xww 108

B1200Xww 109

A beautiful late winter day.B1200Xww 110

Here you can see ice houses (or fish houses) scattered around the lake.B1200Xww 111

One option for the brick floor in the vino and veggies room under the front stoop.
B1200Xww 112

Another option.B1200Xww 113

The raw wood is very close to matching the floor. They’ll stain the walls just a very slight bit to match.B1200Xww 114

Mark installed hidden outlets in the frieze. These will have an electrical outlet and a pair of DMX connectors in them for Christmas lighting.B1200Xww 115

Closeup of one of the beams. The bottom is one solid piece that’s been shaped.B1200Xww 116

Keeping the porch warm so that the guys from Topo can finish grouting the brick so that Pedro can finish the columns so…  Lots of dependencies on a project like this.B1200Xww 117

The scullery is blue while the hallway is white.B1200Xww 118

We received our two paintings from Ali Stayer and they looked wonderful. Unfortunately UPS damaged both of them. It was disappointing to us but I imagine must be nearly devastating for Ali. To put so much of yourself in to creating something like this and then have it damaged.B1200Xww 119

All of the wood in the kitchen is now painted primer white.B1200Xww 120

The portion on the right has been stained while the left and the trim around the opening to the dining room has not. The stain only very slightly darkens the wood and also reduces some of the pinkishness of it. The frieze above the dining entry seems much darker than the rest of the room. Thanks to Scott @ Hirshfields, Scott @ Cityscape Painting, Marita, Krysta, Bob and Mark for their efforts in getting this great result. We’re looking forward to many gatherings of friends and family in here and especially a packed room of people opening presents on Christmas Eve.B1200Xww 121

B1200Xww 122

From the middle of the lake.B1200Xww 123

Marty from Blueline Landscaping is installing new Rip Rap along our neighbor’s shoreline. For lakes like ours it’s convenient to be able to drive across the ice to dump the rock and bring equipment in such as his small backhoe. Rip Rap is often done during winter for this reason. On larger lakes like Minnetonka they use a barge with a backhoe on it to haul the rock and do the work. Ben Andreski from Coldstone Shorelines will be doing ours soon.B1200Xww 124