Saving My Bacon

The big theme for me this past week was the guys from Krause saving my bacon.  I totally missed what was needed for the roof vents in the conservatory. This required some ingenuity from Bob and Krause to make them work as they should. 

The main stair trim turned out great.

B1200SMB 100

Early morning discussion of trim details – Mark and Bob.B1200SMB 101

B1200SMB 102

Jorge in the 2nd level laundry.B1200SMB 103

Redoing the brick in the porch fireplace. It looks much better now.B1200SMB 104

Hendel tented the back porch and put a heater in there so that Topo can finish some brickwork that didn’t get completed last summer and needs to be done before Bob can get the columns in which has to be done before the trim can be completed which has to be done before some other stuff can be completed. B1200SMB 105

B1200SMB 106

Mike doing some drywall repair from access holes that were cut to fix insulation problems.B1200SMB 107

Cabinet doors for the 2nd level laundry.
B1200SMB 108

B1200SMB 109

Beds in the loft are painted. They look great.B1200SMB 110

I like the snow covered trees outside of the conservatory. It’s really cool how well insulated the glass roof panels are. It was 67°f in the conservatory and had been for several days when I took this shot and yet the snow hasn’t totally melted off. B1200SMB 111

B1200SMB 112

I’m hoping that sometime in the next week or two I’ll have time to get in our shed and pull our bikes out.
B1200SMB 113

Some of the work that Krause and Bob did to get wiring in place for the conservatory vents. This is for the wall controllers that seem extra large for what they do.B1200SMB 114

Bob, Mike (owner – Krause Electric) and I had a meeting in the studio to go over electrical stuff. It was really cold in there so we took a break early in the meeting so that Mike could connect power for the heater that Bob had rented. I hate to think how much that’s costing to run.
B1200SMB 115

Jesse installing oak panels in the living room.B1200SMB 116

The guys from Innovative Hardwood finishing the stair treads.B1200SMB 117

Sergey carefully inspecting the walls in the master sitting room.B1200SMB 118

Steve (Hirshfield’s Paint) brought a bunch of different masking tapes to test on the laundry cabinet doors. The finish on these is kind of unusual and the painters were having difficulty finding a tape that would stick well and provide the masking needed but not leave a residue when removed. Steve and his expertise have been a critical member of the team on this project in many areas such as producing numerous stain samples for the oak in the living room or figuring out a way to get the color and finish the bosses (Marita, Krysta and my sweetie) want but that’s not commercially available.B1200SMB 119

400 lbs of iron door for the Blue Zone (vino & veggies).B1200SMB 120

Steve, Rick Hendel and The Edge Bob in the conservatory discussing stucco colors.B1200SMB 121

The Edge, Steve, Rick and Boss #1 in the kitchen discussing something. I’m not sure what though 🙂B1200SMB 122

SunsetB1200SMB 123

The hooks in the breezeway have been getting a lot of use. One day there were a number of coats hung up in here.B1200SMB 124

Lots of oak for the living room.
B1200SMB 125

Mark clamping a couple of boards before putting in pocket screws. He’s assembling the trim that will go around the west windows. He and Jesse pieced it together in place and then laid it out on the floor so that they can put it together with pocket screws. This will result in a much more stable installation.B1200SMB 126

The opposite corner.B1200SMB 127

The chair rail looks great.B1200SMB 128

Jesse and Mark are putting the last bit in place before fitting it on the wall.B1200SMB 129