It’s been fun seeing all of the interior details coming together. Murphy & Co’s design and Hendel Home’s team of really talented and skilled folks putting it all together is producing some great results!

I found Reed in a dark room with a single light so that he could more easily see imperfections that need attention.
B1200Details 100

Grouting the shower floor in the master bath.B1200Details 101

Krysta and Marita discussing wall stains and how they’ll look with the floor.B1200Details 102

Landon had to make the holes for the downlights over the kitchen island a bit larger. Since the pilot bit for a hole saw was useless for this he had to make a jig to guide it. The saw still bites though so this is a tough job.B1200Details 103

We are fortunate to be getting a painting (or two!) from the very talented southern Mississippi artist Ali Stayer (@alistayerart) for our dining room. Here the bosses and Bob are discussing what size it should be.B1200Details 104

Ready for sanding and first coat of primer.B1200Details 105

The bosses discussing floor tile options for the guest bath that came out pinker then expected. They decided that it was worth trying some different grout options to see if the color could be muted a bit rather than rip up all of the tile that’s already in.
B1200Details 106

Bob and Marita debating peg placement in the breezeway.B1200Details 107

A bit of frost on the strike plate and contact plunger. We have a contact plunger like this on all of the exterior door locks so that we can quickly see what doors are locked.
B1200Details 108

The final selection for wall stain in the living room.B1200Details 109

The painters were quick to cut out one window for light.B1200Details 110

Once cabinets are in a lot of things have to be moved a bit so that they line up properly. It’s a lot of work to get everything right.B1200Details 111

I’m constantly fascinated by things like how the wind will keep snow from building up around large round things.B1200Details 112

Milton and his crew have stuff scattered all over. These are doors for the cabinets in the lower level changing room and bathroom.
B1200Details 113

Sergey staining the vanities for the master bath.B1200Details 114

Mark hogged out some material from the back sides of these corbels so that they will lay flat against the wall.B1200Details 115

Landon trimming above the benches between the entry and dining room. Mark constructing the lower step for the main staircase.B1200Details 116

B1200Details 117

B1200Details 118

B1200Details 119

Our city has a few smaller snowblowers for keeping the bikeways clear all winter.B1200Details 120

In the foreground is the tread for the lower step that mark has cut out.B1200Details 121

Some color for the middle guest bath.
B1200Details 122

The guys from Cityscape Painting do a good job making sure the details are done right.
B1200Details 123

Jorge sanding the first coat in the north guest bath.B1200Details 124

All of the woodwork in the upper level sitting room is primed.
B1200Details 125

Landon had to cut out some sheetrock to make sure that the trim around the soapstone backsplash behind the range lays perfectly flat.B1200Details 126