More Details

Matt finishing a few roof details. Good to see how strong the glass is (thanks for the photo Rob)!

B1200MoreDetails 100

Bits for the loft stairway.B1200MoreDetails 101

Guest bath wainscot. Can’t wait to see this painted with the colors that Bosses #1, #2 and #3 (My sweetie, Marita & Krysta) picked out.B1200MoreDetails 102

Rob & Matt attaching the gutters and trim.B1200MoreDetails 103

Finished! Well, mostly. There are a few more details like the gutter along the south side that is too short and needs to be replaced and there’s brick to be layed on the floor and a chandelier hanging in the middle, and… 🙂  The side glass is much greener than I expected.B1200MoreDetails 104

I really like the way this worked out with the sauna below and conservatory up top. Can’t wait to see Scott’s landscaping.B1200MoreDetails 105

The garage is a warm place for a shop.
B1200MoreDetails 106

Mark leveling a stringer before installing an oak tread.B1200MoreDetails 107

Furring that V-groove wainscot will attach too.B1200MoreDetails 108

The north windows in Spare Oom. Kyle put one of the handles on to make sure that they’d clear the woodwork. These windows were supposed to be push out but the supplier messed up. I’m still a bit perturbed about that. This is BTW the same company that can’t seem to give us the correct doors for the balcony.B1200MoreDetails 109

Mark’s making good progress on the finished stairs. They’re looking great.B1200MoreDetails 110

This won’t be the last photo of mechanical systems. This is the boiler for in-floor heat and domestic hot water. B1200MoreDetails 111

B1200MoreDetails 112

Hauling away the lift they needed for building the conservatory.
B1200MoreDetails 113

Wainsote in the other guest bath. This is a bit higher.B1200MoreDetails 114

These ice dams (and the large icicle that fell in to the portico roof) concern me. Other houses in the area don’t have ice dams and our house shouldn’t. One likely cause is too much heat from inside is getting to the underside of the sheathing. This from too little insulation or gaps in the insulation allowing hot air in to the vents. Or it could be something else. We’ll need to find out.
B1200MoreDetails 115

The ice road around the lake is extra clear because the sheriff’s patrol drove around it with their air boat collecting money for toys for tots from lake residents.B1200MoreDetails 116

V-groove going in the kitchen. What little wall is left after all the cabinets are installed will be v-groove as well.B1200MoreDetails 117