Let it snow

This past week we got the snow that will likely stick around until spring. Two storms of it—and wet and heavy. More than a few of us found ourselves shoveling by hand as our snowblowers weren’t up to the task as too wet of snow clogs things up. 

Attempt number two of carpet for the loft. I’d really wanted a tartan plaid but the allowance isn’t nearly enough for that and what we found close to the allowance was really cheap looking. I think this is a good alternative within budget and then we can do some plaid elsewhere up there.B1200ConservII 100

Trim detail in one of the guest rooms. I really like how this worked out.
B1200ConservII 101

Ryan installing the mudroom cabinetry. Compliments of our disparate seasons and that we spend a lot of time outside all year it will be nice to have a bit more mudroom space. B1200ConservII 102

John and Bob working out panel details.B1200ConservII 105

Matt & Rob making good progress on the conservatory. 
B1200ConservII 106

Matt pressing in a glazing spine.B1200ConservII 107

Compliments of John’s craftsmanship the paneling in the entry hall is looking great.B1200ConservII 108

B1200ConservII 111

Glass waiting to go in.B1200ConservII 110

Pedro working on the garage portico.B1200ConservII 112

B1200ConservII 113

B1200ConservII 115

B1200ConservII 116

Window through the chimney. This turned out great inside.B1200ConservII 117

Newlywed Ben making progress.
B1200ConservII 118

Something I never had to do in Alabama was put snow tires on each winter. Around late October it’s time to put snow tires on and store summer tires (below) until spring. Winter tires have softer rubber compound that grips ice and packed snow a lot better than harder summer or all-season rubber. Snow tires will also have a bit more aggressive tread. All-season tires are a great idea but none really work that well in wintery places like Minnesota.
B1200ConservII 119

Since I spend so much time at our house pretending to work there, Steve from Hendel gave me an official staff hoodie. I think he and Bob also tell everyone there not to believe the hoodie – I don’t actually work there 🙂

I love the hoodie though. Thanks Steve & Bob.

B1200ConservII 120