The number of things that happen behind the scenes on this project continues to amaze me. I frequently hear something about Bob or Steve or Marita or Rick or someone spending time working out some detail. Occasionally I catch them, like Rick showing up unexpected or the several times I’ve caught Marita or others from Kipling House there meeting with tile or trim people or Marita running out the door having been there to work on various things. I sometimes wonder how much stuff like this is going on that we never know about. We’re continually thankful for the team of folks working on this project.

Brick Art by José, José and Romero.

B1200Conservatory 100

There was a bit of discussion over what to do about this odd bit in the back hall where stair stringers cut through. Bob said to keep it simple like this. I think it worked out well and should look good once painted.B1200Conservatory 101

Mock up of trim for the transoms. A lot of effort goes in to making sure that all of the details are right.B1200Conservatory 102

A Minnesota foggy morn.B1200Conservatory 103

Bob thinks all of the walls in the house are his personal canvas.B1200Conservatory 104

B1200Conservatory 105

Work on the conservatory from Town & Country Conservatories begins!  Rob and his son Matt drove down from Buckhorn, Ontario to build it. Great guys to have around and seem to do a quality job.B1200Conservatory 106

Master bath vanity — gorgeous wood and woodwork.B1200Conservatory 107

Matt checking alignment and fastening a conservatory wall and roof truss together.B1200Conservatory 108

Cabinets for the lower level bath.
B1200Conservatory 109

B1200Conservatory 110

Note the measurements for each of the plumbing holes they’ll need to cut.B1200Conservatory 111

Rob spent the first day laying down the base pieces and making sure that they were exactly right.B1200Conservatory 112

B1200Conservatory 113

Ummm… José is better at walls than framing 🙂

B1200Conservatory 114

The ice on the lake wasn’t very thick and began to melt when the weather warmed up a bit.
B1200Conservatory 115

Trim in one of the guest rooms. I love how the crown hugs the lines through the bay window.B1200Conservatory 116

Wall truss in place.B1200Conservatory 117

Rob! A head stripped off of a screw which created a gob of extra work to get it out.B1200Conservatory 118

Matt and Rob installing a wall & roof truss assembly.B1200Conservatory 119

There were several large crates of parts weighing just under 2000 lbs each. These are the window frames.B1200Conservatory 120

Days are getting shorter.B1200Conservatory 121