Invasion of the Finns

This week we had a houseful of Finns. All of the guys doing wood flooring and wood trim have Finnish ancestry. I wasn’t too surprised to learn this. Firstly they are all exceptionally nice people and that’s something we’ve learned in our travels in Finland – Finns are exceptionally nice people. Finns are also known for their woodworking skill so finding a bunch of Finns doing woodworking and an exceptionally good job fits.

Our lake got a thin coat of ice on it this week.

B1200Finns 100

Scandinavian Christmas stuff is starting to appear (not surprising given how many Scandinavians are in Minnesota). Gløgg is a Norwegian version of mulled wine which is ubiquitous throughout much of Europe in the winter. We’ve enjoyed many cups of it sitting outside at sidewalk cafés and in Christmas markets. I’ve learned to be careful with it as some can be quite strong.

B1200Finns 101

Kurt and Ben installing shingles. They’re not around this current week. It seems Ben got married on Saturday and wanted to go on a honeymoon. Kurt’s daughter also got married on Saturday and went on the exact same honeymoon 🙂  Congrats to them!B1200Finns 102

Guys from Topo working on the sunken patio.B1200Finns 103

José carrying a chunk of frozen granite sand in to the tent. B1200Finns 104

Perry & Co Finnished the floors in our master. They look great!B1200Finns 105

Owen (a Finn from GK Millwork) cutting a bit of trim for the guest room bay window.B1200Finns 106

Still a lot of trim left to do.B1200Finns 107

Almost done!B1200Finns 108

Owen had to shave off or remove bits of sheetrock to make sure that the wood trim lays perfectly flat. I have a huge appreciation for craftsman like this.B1200Finns 109

B1200Finns 110

Matt began laying out the dining room ceiling.B1200Finns 111

Ready for a conservatory.B1200Finns 112

A Finn called Frosty making progress on the dining room ceiling.B1200Finns 113

Eric is building the water manifold.B1200Finns 114

B1200Finns 115

Scullery trimmed.B1200Finns 116

B1200Finns 117

The cabinets on this wall are deep due to the refrigerator. Stuff gets lost in the back of deep cabinets so Mark made these shallower. B1200Finns 118

Vanities for master bath. This wood is gorgeous.
B1200Finns 119

Laundry chute in the master bath cabinet.B1200Finns 120

The chute comes in to the laundry.
B1200Finns 121

Checking a carpet sample on the stairs to the loft. Don’t think so.B1200Finns 122

Our entire house is filled with tools like this compliments of tile folks, wood flooring, cabinets and trim.
B1200Finns 124

Walkway to the bike door in the garage.B1200Finns 125

Limestone caps for the interior of the conservatory were delivered. B1200Finns 126