Lots Of People

A few weeks ago Bob spent some time organizing all of the materials scattered around the lot, clearing out space for parking and even spray painting parking lines. That was all for weeks like this when there are dozens of craftsfolk working all over. At one point there were 26 vehicles here. 

Mark, Scott and Ryan from Artisan Cabinet & Design installing Kitchen cabinets. When Mark bought the company from his boss he renamed it ‘Artisan’ which is a good descriptor of what they do. After working through a lot of design details with Mark, Marita, Krysta and TJ it’s been fun seeing his ideas in real life.B1200LotsOfPeople 100

José and José working on the front walk.B1200LotsOfPeople 101

B1200LotsOfPeople 102

Chief tile dude Bill!  He and his crew are artists. Like literally. Bill is a really good photographer, one of those people you kind of hate when you compare their stuff to your own. Among his crew are some musicians who’ve done both studio and live work for people like Victoria IX as well as play in their church worship band. Oh, and they also do amazing tile work. Some of it that I’ve seen in other houses is truly tile art.

B1200LotsOfPeople 103

Matt with GK Millwork cutting a bit of door trim, Shawn with Krause Media Solutions installing a door lock sensor (we’ll be able to easily tell if all of the doors are locked).B1200LotsOfPeople 104

Bob and John discussing interior trim and panel details.
B1200LotsOfPeople 105

Lot’s of pocket screws for this paneling from Artisan Cabinets.B1200LotsOfPeople 106

B1200LotsOfPeople 107

B1200LotsOfPeople 108

Owen cutting a window sill. I’d never seen anyone use a jig saw upside down before so tried it that night. It works!B1200LotsOfPeople 109

Closet in the north guest room. B1200LotsOfPeople 110

Some of the locks on the Loewen windows are torked up a bit. Hmmmm.
B1200LotsOfPeople 111

Tight fit for the window sill.B1200LotsOfPeople 112

Matt installing a door jamb in the north guest room.B1200LotsOfPeople 113

José cutting the brick edge.B1200LotsOfPeople 114

This has been a very colorful fall.
B1200LotsOfPeople 115

B1200LotsOfPeople 116

Matt still working on the door jamb. The rough opening for this door was apparently much wider than it was supposed to be… Or the door narrower.B1200LotsOfPeople 117

Guys from Topo LLC installing a drainage mat. This will allow water that accumulates on the porch to drain down to the terrace.B1200LotsOfPeople 118

Pedro! B1200LotsOfPeople 119

José making progress. It’s a long line to cut.B1200LotsOfPeople 120

B1200LotsOfPeople 121

B1200LotsOfPeople 122

Undercutting the door trim to just the right height for the tile. The orange stuff to the left is something that they put down to reduce problems of cracking.B1200LotsOfPeople 123

A couple of things needed to be moved around the corner.
B1200LotsOfPeople 124