Cold Rain

This week was accentuated with a lot of cold rain. But work continued.

Ben shingling the north wall of our bedroom.B1200XProgress 100

B1200XProgress 101

José and José doing our front steps.B1200XProgress 102

B1200XProgress 103

B1200XProgress 104

Ben’s moved to the north side of the house.B1200XProgress 105

Interior trim!  This looks really good both the design from Murphy & Co and the quality detailed installation by Matt. This is from the lower level rec room looking towards the changing room. BTW, Murphy has a new website that’s worth checking out.B1200XProgress 106

Our neighbors have their docks out.B1200XProgress 107

Trim in the mechanical room.B1200XProgress 108

Looking out the window from my Sweeties closet.B1200XProgress 109

Two great books on landscaping near shorelines. We’ve had a lot of problems in Minnesota, particularly on lakes within metro areas, of shoreline landscaping that harms the water quality of our lakes. For example, grass anywhere within about 20′-40’ can be harmful, especially if it is ever fertilized. The ideal is a 20’ buffer of lake friendly (I would say native but there are some non-native plants that work well) plants and topography that prevents runoff in to the lake. Also lots of connections here. Samuel Geer and I write for the same blog, Scott from Topo is friends with Michael Keenan, and Paul Radomski has published some of my photos on his blog.

B1200XProgress 110

Bob Notes!B1200XProgress 111

Cleaning up our gardens at home for the last time.B1200XProgress 112

Since we ride bicycles for a lot of our local transportation we’ll need a ramp on a portion of our front steps to get bikes in and out of our garage. This drawing was for a discussion of if the ramp should be at the tops (solid red line) or bottoms (dashed red line) of the steps. One good option for some situations is to have the ramp slightly below the tops and then chamfer the steps to the ramp. Another bit of ramp design is ground clearance, especially for Bakfiets that have a longer wheelbase, so that they don’t bottom out at the top.B1200XProgress 113

Brett Anderson and his crew from Anderson Dock & Lift Services came on Monday to pull our dock out. It was cold and rainy but they did it anyway. After some significant problems with the company we used prior it has been great to work with Brett.B1200XProgress 114

B1200XProgress 115

I needed to be around in case Brett had any questions so I set up office in the guest bedroom.B1200XProgress 116

B1200XProgress 117

Carpet that we’d planned for the loft. Budget concerns have unfortunately eliminated it.B1200XProgress 118

Attached garage taped.
B1200XProgress 119

Back beveling trim.B1200XProgress 120

The guys from Krause Electric terminated the lighting circuits to the dimmer panel and hot-wired several of them so that there is more temporary light throughout the house. It’s getting light later, darker earlier and during the day it’s not as light as it was just a month ago.B1200XProgress 121

Floor of the lower level shower one small stone at a time.B1200XProgress 122

The guys from Topo LLC began work on the front walk. The base is crushed granite which makes a good solid base and is not popular with ants so no little mounds of sand all over the walkway. The string is at the level the pavers should be when finished, the board laying across there is the thickness of the bricks, and the pipes are for running the board across. When the board runs across the pipes and just barely touches the string then they know they’ve got the base at the right height. Once that’s done they remove the pipes, fill that with crushed granite and lay the pavers.
B1200XProgress 123

Guys from Topo ripping out some of what they did last week. This corner is proving difficult to do up to Scott’s (Topo head dude) standards.B1200XProgress 124