I think I’m caught up now!

It’s been fun to see some of the final finishes going in.

Pedro is making good progress on the studio.B1200X 100

José and José laying bricks on the steps to the sunken patio.B1200X 101

The vanity for one of the guest baths. It looks considerably more contemporary than we expected. B1200X 102

The first bit of shingle siding looks terrific. They were dipped in stain and then back brushed before installation. That will help to seal them so that they’ll last longer and insures sharp lines against white trim pieces. Ben did a great job of installing them.B1200X 103

Sunken patio steps completed!B1200X 104

One of the bosses had this idea for head to head beds in the loft formerly known as my office. B1200X 105

70 amp electric heater to keep the inside somewhat warm until a temp furnace can be installed. This costs about $1.09 per hour in electricity to run so I’ll be very glad when the temp gas furnace is installed.B1200X 106

Sam and Aaron installing the limestone caps on the upper terrace wall.B1200X 107

Ben installing shingles on the south side of the large shed roof. Romero installing brick on the stops down to the terrace. Yes, both guys are there.B1200X 108

B1200X 109

B1200X 110

Lower Level changing room shower.B1200X 111

Master shower.B1200X 112

They spent considerable time figuring out the best layout for the tiles. The result (above) is really great.
B1200X 113

B1200X 114

Window seat in guest bedroom.B1200X 115


Guest bath. B1200X 116


Romero tamping in a brick. It takes a lot of skill and patience to do the great job that he’s doing.B1200X 117

B1200X 118

All done for now. Pedro said that he needs to wait on the roof on the pediment to be finished before he can do anymore.B1200X 119

Pedro’s corners are spot on!B1200X 120

Dan and Sam laid down sleepers in the studio. Hydronic heat tubing will be laid in between these and then gypcrete poured to fill in and then wood flooring can be nailed to the sleepers.B1200X 121