Lot’s ‘o Stuff

This was a busy and strange feeling week. We began packing up our house. 30 years is a long time to have lived in one place and it’s really strange to think that all of the boxes we packed (mostly my sweetie packed and I hauled) won’t be coming back to this house. We are going to miss this house. And neighbors and neighborhood.

José prepping the base for brick.

B1200XStuff 100

After he removes the leveling tubes he has to fill in the indentation that’s left.
B1200XStuff 101

Doors to my sweeties office. Architects (and we) didn’t want a big door swinging out in to the hallway and it can’t swing in because of the roofline so this was to be pocket doors. Well, the upper part of the walls on either side are exterior walls (above the roofline of her office) so we couldn’t do a pocket door. Narrow double doors work and I think will look quite good.B1200XStuff 102

José!  Cool dude.B1200XStuff 103

Ryan carefully trimming the bottom of the panel that will enclose the beverage area.B1200XStuff 104

José and José face off! B1200XStuff 106

Perfect!  Note the red laser line (that is perfectly level straight up) and is hitting the corner of the panel perfectly. As Ryan (Artisan Cabinets & Design) said, you can’t do better than perfect!B1200XStuff 107

The bricks needed to be slid down about an inch so that they’ll line up with the pattern in the center walkway.B1200XStuff 108

Wall panel samples.B1200XStuff 109

Beverage (coffee!) center.B1200XStuff 110

Tube for measuring the pressure in the duct for Aerosealing.
B1200XStuff 111

Running a duct pressure pre-test.B1200XStuff 112

The Air Seal system atomizes a glue and blows it in to the duct. Anywhere there’s a leak it will plug it up to seal up the duct system.B1200XStuff 114

The red line indicates the total CFM of leakage. As it seals the ductwork the amount of leakage goes down. It began with about 270 CFM of leakage and when I took this photo it was down to about 150 CFM. He’ll continue until it’s below about 50 CFM which is the most allowable by code.B1200XStuff 113


Kevin & Co discussing hanging one of the Make Up Air units.B1200XStuff 115

From the left; Air to Air exchanger (ERV), 600 CFM Make Up Air or MUA (Fireplace & Misc), 1100 CFM MUA (Kitchen Range Hood).B1200XStuff 116

Temp furnace installed and operating. This will do a better job of evenly distributing heat throughout the house and will cost a lot less to operate than the electric one.B1200XStuff 117

East wall of Scullery.B1200XStuff 118

Elevator parts arrived.B1200XStuff 119

José customizing a drain basin.B1200XStuff 120

Drainage for the terrace.B1200XStuff 121

Ben and shingles. This is a tough section because it has a lot of penetrations for HVAC, Electrical and other stuff that he has to work around.B1200XStuff 122

The front walk is complete and the front stoop is enclosed to keep it somewhat warm so they can work on it later this week. The high temps several days this week are predicted to be in the upper 20’s°f. Brrrr.B1200XStuff 123

Tight squeeze in the island for Eric to plumb this.B1200XStuff 124

These downlights will be partially covered with cove moulding so they’ll need to be moved a bit.B1200XStuff 125

During winter every little hole counts so this one was sealed up around the extension cord.
B1200XStuff 126

These blankets will keep the soil and base from freezing so that they can lay the bricks for the terrace.B1200XStuff 127