Exterior Paint

First of two posts this week. Painting inside & out along with the beginning of wood floor installation.

Sauna and Sauna changing room (below) were insulated. Almost ready for finishing.B1200WoodFl 100

Custom outdoor kitchen compliments of Topo.B1200WoodFl 101

Primer paint for interior.B1200WoodFl 102

View of our house from our neighbor. We’ll plant something along the lower wall and maybe try to squeeze in a tree or two to help soften the impact. I’m really glad we were able to do half the garage and the space above as a separate building instead of making this wider and higher.B1200WoodFl 103

Sam laughing as Spencer tries to hold a piece of plywood in the wind as rain heads towards us.B1200WoodFl 104

José fitting a stone.B1200WoodFl 105

Aaron cutting a stone for the wall, José and José working on the lower stone wall and Terry laying out the packout for the conservatory.B1200WoodFl 106

Finishing shop at Capital Granite.B1200WoodFl 107

Marita (Kipling House Interiors) analyzing a slab of soapstone while Kat wets it to give us an indication of how it will look when oiled.B1200WoodFl 108

This machine is grinding the surface of a slab so that it will have a matte finish.B1200WoodFl 109

The bosses  inspecting a small slab.B1200WoodFl 110

B1200WoodFl 111

Crew from Innovative Hardwood sanded the sub floors until they were perfectly flat and then sealed them.B1200WoodFl 112

Aaron cutting the wing walls down.B1200WoodFl 113

Vasily doing his Sting immitation.B1200WoodFl 114

B1200WoodFl 115

First flooring laid out in the north guest room and ready to be nailed.B1200WoodFl 116

José cutting a stone to fit in to the front wall.B1200WoodFl 117

Bob being entertained by Vasily. It’s amazing all of the issues that Bob is faced with and either knows exactly what to do or how to figure it out. Or better yet, how to avoid them with some thoughtful pre-planning. I’m thankful to have him on our project and glad I’m not trying to GC this project myself.
B1200WoodFl 118

There were some slight dips in the cement floor in the lower level rec room so they filled them with extra glue and let it set for a couple of hours before doing the rest of the floor.B1200WoodFl 119

Dan using some thin plywood to level the floor in the master bedroom.B1200WoodFl 120