Wood Floors

Getting a coat of primer on all of the walls helped it to start feeling a lot more finished inside.B1200WoodFl 141

B1200WoodFl 142

Mitch hammers a board in to place and then side nails it. The nailer is designed to push the board down hard and tight in to the board next to it as it drives in a staple.B1200WoodFl 121

B1200WoodFl 122

The packout that Terry built for the conservatory provides a clue for how it will look.
B1200WoodFl 123

Roberto! B1200WoodFl 124

José and JoséB1200WoodFl 125

José setting elevation points for the front wall.B1200WoodFl 126

“See watch, I’ll just use my mind to lift this heavy bit of limestone and put it in place!” B1200WoodFl 127

B1200WoodFl 128

B1200WoodFl 129

B1200WoodFl 130

B1200WoodFl 131

Hydronic in-floor heat tubes for the detached garage.B1200WoodFl 132

B1200WoodFl 133

Boards laid out and ready to be nailed.B1200WoodFl 134

Brandon getting the last board in place. B1200WoodFl 135

Will nailing a vent in to place.B1200WoodFl 136

Sam and Dan installing thin sheets of plywood to help level the floor in the master suite. B1200WoodFl 137

Will hand holding an angled cut on the tablesaw. It takes a bit of skill and practice to do this without something to hold it steady. B1200WoodFl 138

Braden hammering a board in place in the lower level rec room. It’s tough to nail in to cement so they use glue instead.B1200WoodFl 139

Laid out and ready to be nailed.B1200WoodFl 140

Floors are looking great.B1200WoodFl 143

Windows on north side have their first coat of paint.B1200WoodFl 144