Tapers, Mike and Justin, have been here the past few days so things are definitely progressing. 

Mike pre patching some larger gaps.

B1200XTape 119

The spray foam pushed some of the lighting fixtures down a bit so Dan is having to carve out a bit of the foam behind them so that they will be flush with the ceiling and so the sheetrock will aly flat.
B1200XTape 120

The garden office (Spare Oom).B1200XTape 121

The purple rock is sound board that will help to reduce noise transmission between bedroom suites.
B1200XTape 122

B1200XTape 123

José checking the height of the wall.B1200XTape 124

B1200XTape 125

The porch ceiling is almost done and moving on to the exterior trim.
B1200XTape 126

B1200XTape 127

Part of a fairly extensive stormwater management system.
B1200XTape 128

José and Romero discussing downspout drains.B1200XTape 129

B1200XTape 130

Applying Tyvek to the detached garage/studio.B1200XTape 131

B1200XTape 132

Questionable joint?B1200XTape 133

Mike finishing off an inside corner.B1200XTape 134

Justin applying tape w/ a banjo.B1200XTape 135

Coping a joint w/ a vibrating saw.B1200XTape 136

José packing the class 5 stone for the walkway between the driveway and mudroom door.B1200XTape 137

The first ‘potted’ plant. Or perhaps cinderblocked plant. This is a temporary stormwater collection pond along the south side.

B1200XTape 138