Cover photo: Colby and Hunter from Krause Electric wiring the Conservatory. I always prided myself on hiring really great people with solid character and good intelligence. Mike at Krause Electric seems to do the same based on his guys that I’ve met.

Nailer repair.B1200XTape 101

More brick samples. This may be similar to the final.B1200XTape 102

Class 5 crushed stone compacted and ready for wall blocks.B1200XTape 103

José Vargas (Topo LLC) pounding a stone in to place until it’s perfectly level. Scott from Topo is also someone who hires great people.B1200XTape 104

B1200XTape 105

José Bravo cutting out for a stone that will be one level below the one above it.B1200XTape 106

If you look close you can see that he cut out a thumb hole for himself to hold the cutoff.
B1200XTape 107

Installing the porch ceiling.B1200XTape 108

This will be ski boat storage.B1200XTape 109

The guys from Topo began leveling the lower patio. It’ll be fun to see the walls in place for this.B1200XTape 110

Guys from Neuhart Concrete installing rigid foam on the main level of the detached garage. This may have in-floor hydronic heat installed. We’re still trying to figure out the best options for HVAC for this space.B1200XTape 111

José applying mastic to help hold the next block in place. Strangely the pins for these Keystone Blocks didn’t line up so they’re using a pin on one side and the mastic on the other. This proved to be a pain when they had to remove part of one row because the window well is a bit lower than originally planned and so they needed to make the wall the same height. José told me that they had a fun time getting them unstuck.B1200XTape 112

B1200XTape 113

Stone sample for two shorter walls; around the lower patio and around the front courtyard.B1200XTape 114

Morning light pouring in while the tapers begin preparing.B1200XTape 115

Twice in the past couple of weeks we’ve arrived at the site to find our interior designers making sure that all of the details will be accurate. From left Marita (Kipling House), Lynn (Proj Mgr, Hendel), Bob (Site Super, Hendel), Krysta (Kipling House), Door supplier and behind the door supplier is Jereme who will be installing all of the interior trim. Great group of people standing here.B1200XTape 116

B1200XTape 117

Porch ceiling. I’m not sure if the notch is cut crooked or the ceiling board was installed crooked.B1200XTape 118