Sheetrock & Landscaping !

Two big milestones this week; Sheetrock and the start of Landscaping.

Besides getting a good feel for how the house will be when finished, sheetrock is also the point where the schedule is supposed to stabilize so we should be fairly delay free between now and move-in this February.

Landscaping is one of the most important elements for us so we’re excited to see it begin to take shape.

Storage shed at Manomin Resawn Timber where the mantel for our outdoor fireplace is coming from.B1200XSheetrockLand 100

The first of four sheetrock deliveries.B1200XSheetrockLand 101

B1200XSheetrockLand 102

José (Topo LLC) preparing for a wall on the north side of our house. We’d planned for this wall to be stacked stone but it needs to be more structural so will have to be Keystone.B1200XSheetrockLand 103

B1200XSheetrockLand 104

B1200XSheetrockLand 106

Finish trim happening in the foreground. In the background the sheetrock folks just discovered that the sheets will not fit through the dormer windows so they’ll have to take it in through a window in the 2nd level hall and carry it upstairs to the loft.B1200XSheetrockLand 105

A couple of folks from Topo repairing one of their bobcats. Mike & Bob discussing step design. Bob is an amazing and valuable guy. He deals with a plethora of issues and always finds a solution.
B1200XSheetrockLand 107

B1200XSheetrockLand 108

Finishing a joint. This joint was OK.B1200XSheetrockLand 109

This joint was quite poor so they’ll be redoing it. We’ve obviously some concerns with the folks doing the exterior finish carpentry. This was one of several such issues.B1200XSheetrockLand 110

Sheetrock crew beginning to rock our Kitchen.B1200XSheetrockLand 111

When you want to make sure you can hear the best in Latino music.B1200XSheetrockLand 112

LoftB1200XSheetrockLand 113

B1200XSheetrockLand 114

B1200XSheetrockLand 115

Sean (Jerco) bracing a truss so that the other side can be notched for a light can to be installed.B1200XSheetrockLand 116

B1200XSheetrockLand 117

B1200XSheetrockLand 118

B1200XSheetrockLand 119

B1200XSheetrockLand 120

Installing v-groove on our porch ceiling.B1200XSheetrockLand 121

B1200XSheetrockLand 122

Kitchen, informal dining and family room mostly rocked.B1200XSheetrockLand 123

It’s kind of cool to walk through the short door from the hallway in to our master sitting room and then have it open up in to this loft space. You really get a feel for it now that the rock is going up.
B1200XSheetrockLand 124

Kitchen!B1200XSheetrockLand 125