Dried In !!!

This was a monumental week. After 15 months of construction we are finally ‘dried in’. For months I have been concerned about the amount of water coming in, wood remaining wet for long periods and the increased presence of black mold. Dan finished the last bits of stonework on the chimney’s week before last and so the roofers were able to finish the roof. Hopefully the days of wet wood are behind us.

We saw this bit of blue stone in Café Lurcat recently. Not the best execution but interesting idea.

B1200XDriedIn 100

They’ve covered all of the windows with plastic sheeting in anticipation of spray foam insulation.B1200XDriedIn 101

The interior of the shop/studio on the second level of our detached garage.B1200XDriedIn 102

Dan from Hendel Homes is chipping away at some of the concrete. He told me that this is so the stone will rest on a more solid foundation and not be subjected to the heaving that can occur with flat slabs of concrete during our freeze-thaw cycles.B1200XDriedIn 103

B1200XDriedIn 104


A lot more wire from Krause Media Solutions.
B1200XDriedIn 105


Aaron planning.B1200XDriedIn 106


Dan laying stone by the entrance to the sauna.B1200XDriedIn 107

B1200XDriedIn 108


Colin and Skip forming the conservatory steps.B1200XDriedIn 109

B1200XDriedIn 110


Progress on the sauna/conservatory walls. After much discussion, including with Sam, we’re unsure what Sam is thinking.B1200XDriedIn 111

Some newly finished roofB1200XDriedIn 112


Mudroom door stoop formed and ready for concrete.B1200XDriedIn 113


Mike, Skip and Colin forming the porch slab.B1200XDriedIn 114


To celebrate the summer solstice we decided to host our first annual Solstice Sundae party. Here my wife is making her popular triple chocolate ice cream.B1200XDriedIn 115

Our landscape architect Scott had some stone samples delivered for us to look at with him.
B1200XDriedIn 116


The past couple of weeks we’ve had the annual Artisan Home Tour. We visit the homes to get ideas for things we want to do and things we don’t. We liked this fire pit though we’d do something more traditional looking. We always feel good about selecting Hendel Homes for our project after this tour. We notice a lot of quality issues in these homes that are not present in homes built by Rick.B1200XDriedIn 117

Steps!B1200XDriedIn 119

B1200XDriedIn 123

B1200XDriedIn 120

Forms are done and ready for concrete.B1200XDriedIn 121

Bob creates story sticks like this to make sure all of the elevations are done correctly.B1200XDriedIn 122