Sauna Floor

In preparation for more stone work Bob had the floor of the sauna and outdoor shower poured and door and window installed.

For some great info on saunas and building them check out my friend Glenn’s SaunaTimes site. Glenn has been an immense help in the design of our sauna. Our sauna will be built and installed by FinnSisu.

Mike Neuharth of Neuharth Concrete filling the area with rock after getting it level. The pink chalk line along the wall is the final level for concrete.B1200Xsf 100

One of the water lines to the outdoor shower got nicked.B1200Xsf 101

The conservatory has a layer of waterproofing and then foam over that.
B1200Xsf 102

Next is the tubing for in-floor heat. Note Bob’s laser level sitting on top of some wood floor samples and a box of shims.B1200Xsf 104

Bob calculating the elevations for the concrete pour in the conservatory.B1200Xsf 105

Tubing for in-floor heat installed in walkway between the house and sauna along with the outdoor shower. Walking barefoot on cool or cold nights will be much more comfortable and it will help to keep this area free of ice during winter which will make it safer.B1200Xsf 106

In-floor heat in the sauna. This will keep the changing room (to the left) and hot room (to the right) above freezing all winter to protect the plumbing. If we leave for any extended time we’ll turn off the water, blow out the lines and turn off the heat.B1200Xsf 107

B1200Xsf 108

Outdoor shower is to the left.B1200Xsf 109

Plumbing rough-in for the detached garage.B1200Xsf 103

After insulation and sheetrock the next chore will be flooring. Here Perry (right) describes the different options. We’re debating between White Oak and French Oak.B1200Xsf 111

Bob, Lorelei Ritter, my sweetie, and Scott Ritter of Topo LLC discuss where bluestone and brick will be for terraces, porches and walkways.B1200Xsf 112

Lots of new stone for the sauna and conservatory.B1200Xsf 113

Bob checking that the drain in the conservatory is good to go after concrete is poured over the heat tubing.B1200Xsf 114

We have a floor in the sauna!
B1200Xsf 115

Lots of mechanical stuff for the sauna and conservatory including in-floor heat for 3 zones, power for the sauna heater (black cable), general power, AV, home automation, security, survelliance, and plumbing.B1200Xsf 116

Hopefully a little less leaking and and hopefully this will be finished soon.B1200Xsf 117

B1200Xsf 118

B1200Xsf 119

B1200Xsf 120

From inside the sauna area. The door leads in to the changing room and the window is in the sauna hot room.
B1200Xsf 121

Ready for stone.B1200Xsf 122