The Big Reveal

So, we actually did finally move in. In late June. Since then we’ve been quite overloaded, but more on that later. So…, a collection of snapshots (better photos to come) from our first couple of days.

On 15 June Marita, Krysta and their band of wonderful people took possession (like literally, we weren’t allowed to be there and I got yelled at, with a smile, for even being outside to meet with our landscape architect!) for 3 days of turning a construction project in to a wonderful comfortable home.

On the evening of 17 Jun we were greeted at our front door and walked in to see this. 

B1200XReveal 104

They called this our HGTV moment. And it was. Marita and Krysta nailed it. Their design work couldn’t have been more perfect and that and the transformation over the past three days brought tears to the eyes of a wonderful woman who’s endured a lot and really deserves this.

With glasses of champagne in our hands we were led through our new home room by gorgeous room.

Here, sitting in my sweeties office for the first time. Back in March our son and daughter-in-law were on Fogo Island when Covid really began to hit. Their friends in New York told them to skip coming back there as things weren’t so good so they flew here to stay with us for a while. Covid, for my sweetie and I, has been a bit of a blessing 🙂
B1200XReveal 102

The Team!  I cannot say enough about Kipling, what a great job they did on our house and how much we enjoyed working with them. Truly wonderful and talented people.B1200XReveal 103

The Conservatory just may be the best room in the house.B1200XReveal 106

View from the loft.
B1200XReveal 108

My C.S. Lewis corner. This is part of my consolation award for being kicked out of the central loft area where my office was supposed to be. I should have put in an exhaust fan for the pipe smoke though. 🙂 When my woodshop is finished I’ll make bookshelves for all of these walls.B1200XReveal 113

Looking towards my attic office from C.S. Lewis corner.B1200XReveal 114

The LoftB1200XReveal 115

Master. B1200XReveal 116

B1200XReveal 117

Son and Daughter-in-law’s room.B1200XReveal 118

Guest RoomB1200XReveal 119

Living RoomB1200XReveal 120

EntryB1200XReveal 121

Dining with conservatory beyond.B1200XReveal 122

B1200XReveal 125

B1200XReveal 123

BreezewayB1200XReveal 124

Rick Hendel checking things out.B1200XReveal 109

Our first day living in our new house and a bit of cleaning before the ritual lighting of the lanterns.B1200XReveal 110

B1200XReveal 111

And down to business. Our son telecommuting from the loft.B1200XReveal 112

 My wife did about 99% of the unpacking while I was busy dealing with a numerous other things.
B1200XReveal 126

Our house is really gorgeous and accomplishing it was a wonderful team effort. Jeff and TJ from Murphy & Co did a spectacular job on the overall design, awesome details and on coordinating a lot of input and making it all work. As with any good team though the lines often blurred and the end result incorporated ideas and knowledge from everyone on the core team of Jeff, TJ, Marita, Krysta, Rick Hendel, Bob Caswell, Scott Ritter, and Mark Latske. Steve Kothman joined the party kind of late but made his contributions as well. And beyond the core team were a plethora of people whose ideas and input proved vital to the end result. And no matter how good the design the end result wouldn’t be what it is without everyone at Hendel Homes, their knowledge and all of the skilled craftsfolk they brought in to turn ideas and paper designs in to the real thing. This though is a post for another day.