Exciting times for our project! With painters largely done, the electrical and plumbing folks have moved in to begin all of their final work. It’s been fun to see the light and plumbing fixtures that were chosen two years ago (Thanks Marita & Krysta!) finally going in. AND, after several years of design work, six months trying to get a permit and so far two full years of construction we’re beginning to truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Overall the interior is looking really good which is quite exciting.

Pedro has mostly finished all of the trim on the back porch.B1200XCovidII 100

Our daughter-in-law has been spoiling us with her cooking. Like pannenkoekens!
B1200XCovidII 101

A bit of mid April snow.  Fortunately this April was nothing like the past two that each saw significant snowstorms.B1200XCovidII 102

B1200XCovidII 103

Breezeway and Mudroom. The far door is goes to the garage.B1200XCovidII 104

Light fixture in The Crossroads where the north<>south and east<>west hallways meet. Standing here you can see in every direction (so long as the door to the garage is open).B1200XCovidII 105

Entry FoyerB1200XCovidII 106

Covid brings out all kinds of strange people and fashion. Our friend and pastor Sid. We were supposed to be hosting his 50th wedding anniversary in June but Covid has other plans. He’s an extreme extrovert so this whole social isolation / social distancing thing is not for him.B1200XCovidII 107

Marble HearthB1200XCovidII 108

My brother Milton – The Jolly Green Monster!
B1200XCovidII 109

Pedro finished the north side of the porch. As with all that Pedro does it turned out well.B1200XCovidII 110

B1200XCovidII 111

Upper level laundryB1200XCovidII 112

Middle guest room. B1200XCovidII 113

Loft.B1200XCovidII 114

Breezeway looking west through The Crossroads on to the porch.B1200XCovidII 115

We’ve had difficulty getting Comcast to install and bury a cable so when they were supposed to show up on a recent Saturday I decided to work here and wait for them to make sure that the work got done. This was the 5th time that they didn’t show up.B1200XCovidII 116

MasterB1200XCovidII 117

Testing the core network components for the new place. Netgate 3100 Firewall (UDMP firewall is not too great), Ubiquity UDM Pro, Ubiquity Switch Pro 24, a variety of Ubiquity AP-HD’s and Synology RS3618 server. I’ve used Ubiquity AP’s for a while and they work quite well. I’ve typically used Cisco for switching but for a number of reasons, primariy cost but also it’s easier to manage a single vendor or in this can an all Ubiquity network, we’re giving it a shot. So far so good. Mostly. The UDMP was released too soon and we’ve gone through some growing pains. Thanks to UI-Glenn for a lot of patient assistance to some very frustrated customers.
B1200XCovidII 118

B1200XCovidII 119

B1200XCovidII 120

B1200XCovidII 121

B1200XCovidII 122

The crew from Topo are back at it after a long winter.B1200XCovidII 123

And… Caught up through 30 April!