The time since Christmas has mostly been continued interior and exterior trim and painting along with a bit of insulation work.

More bondo inspired chicken pox – on the stairs going down to the lower level.
B1200Stories 100

Tile in the master shower is almost complete. I think this looks great!B1200Stories 101

There was some consternation with the floor in this guest bath. What was installed was a lot pinker than the samples.B1200Stories 102

The transoms were installed. In some ways these kind of mess with the open feeling of this north<>south hallway. Maybe they’ll be less intrusive once the paper is removed from the glass?B1200Stories 103

A mid afternoon sunset in the conservatory!B1200Stories 104

Mike keeps us entertained with stories. This one about one of his drones!B1200Stories 105

All of the doors for the lower level. B1200Stories 106

Mike taking a break between stories to cut out downlights in the dining room 🙂
B1200Stories 107

Brackets for the window boxes. The plumbing and electrical (Christmas lights) were installed correctly on this one.B1200Stories 108

The plumbing and electrical are kind of wrong on these. They should be on the inside of the other brackets so that they are less noticeable.B1200Stories 109

Shawn cutting out speaker locations.B1200Stories 110

Mike (Select Mechanical) wiring a controller for in-floor hydronic heating.B1200Stories 111

Tim wiring a manifold for in-floor hydronic heating. He’s pushing a temp probe from here to the lower level guest bedroom. They use both a temp probe in the cement and an air temp thermostat in the room.B1200Stories 112

Painters do one round of patching with filler, prime, sand, fill with bondo (red), sand (photo below), prime, fill any additional bits, sand and final enamel.
B1200Stories 113

Shawn moving an outlet over an inch so that it is symmetrical with the one on the other side of the range.B1200Stories 114

My sweetie has been scouring the web for deals on furniture. This arrived last week. 
B1200Stories 115

We’ve had a number of melt lines show up on the roof that shouldn’t be there. These are either from warm and moist interior air getting in the the rafter vents (between the trusses), thermal bridging through the trusses themselves or warm and moist interior air leaking up between conjoined trusses.B1200Stories 116

The in-floor hydronic heating system is nearly complete.B1200Stories 117

Lower level windows.B1200Stories 118

The porch fireplace got fire brick – but they did it kind of sideways from what we expected.B1200Stories 119