Perhaps the biggest event this week was a couple of deliveries for the conservatory from Town & Country Conservatories.

First up was two crates of leaded glass.B1200Del 100

B1200Del 101

Based on what we saw in Finland and very consistent recommendations from people who know we’re thinking about doing a shower on one end of the changing room. One of our favorite Sauna’s and showers in Finland had black stone on the walls and floor so we’re thinking about copying that. Leaning towards the one in the middle which has a flatter matte finish.
B1200Del 102

Whenever he hears a squeak Bob marks ‘squeak’ on the floor. He also walked around the house specifically to find them. Here Terry and Chris are discussing where one floor squeak is coming from. Bob is upstairs pressing on it. Most of the squeaks were fairly easy to solve, this one proved a bit more elusive.B1200Del 103

Crates of leaded glass protected from our weather.
B1200Del 104

As I mentioned last post we’re sadly having to change from bluestone to brick due to not checking the shingle color against the bluestone before they were dipped. Below is a brick that Scott recommended and that we think we’re going with.B1200Del 105

B1200Del 106

Insulation folks put up material that will hold the cellulose in when it is blown in to the walls. The primary purpose of this is to insulate the sides of the 2×6 studs to reduce thermal bridging and so that the sides don’t become cold sinks.
B1200Del 107

Checking the depth of the closed cell foam.B1200Del 108

Wall around the fireplace framed.
B1200Del 109

Bob checking the fine (very fine as in tiny 4 pt type) print on a plan. Welcome to the club Bob!B1200Del 110

Chris and Devin from Finnsisu stopped by to get some final measurements in the sauna before cutting all the bits for it. That’s their silver car in the foreground. Finnsisu is also my favorite place for cross country ski stuff and Chris spends part of each year in Europe as wax tech for the U.S. Ski Team.
B1200Del 111

Part II of the conservatory delivery arrived on Friday. Three crates including this bohemouth. Thanks to the guys from Hendel and TS Exterior Solutions for all of their effort and care unloading these.B1200Del 112

B1200Del 113

Outdoor fireplace framed and ready for sheetrock.B1200Del 114