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A late February sunset.

B1200StudioMech 100

Eric (Spring Plumbing) has a fan to blow the warmer air in to where he’s working. The cover photo shows him working on a manifold for one of the showers. I really appreciate people like Eric in this world. He knows his stuff and is focused on doing a good job, not just getting in, out and paid. He’s also had several good ideas that we’ve incorporated.B1200StudioMech 101

Snow piled on our porch roof. Good windows and extreme attention to details with everything is critical to not having any water damage.B1200StudioMech 102

HVAC ducts in 3rd level loft.B1200StudioMech 103

B1200StudioMech 104

B1200StudioMech 105

The bulk of the framing for the garage/studio is complete.B1200StudioMech 106

Window in the lower level elevator hall.
B1200StudioMech 107

B1200StudioMech 108

B1200StudioMech 110

I’d been taught that inline blowers should be hung with steel strapping whenever possible to reduce vibration noise. These may need to be redone.B1200StudioMech 111

A tight squeeze for these ducts. Hopefully it’s just the insulation and not the duct itself. When a duct gets squeezed, crimped, has too many bends or too tight of bends it can dramatically decrease the effectiveness of the fans that it serves due to static pressure losses. In our current house when we remodeled our bathroom the ducts were not run carefully and I measured only 20 CFM for an exhaust fan that was supposed to be 90 CFM. When I asked the HVAC folks about it they stuck a bit of toilet paper up against the inlet and pronounced it working just fine. He wasn’t too happy when I showed him the Pitot Tube measurements I’d taken.  Fortunately we were able to fix the problems so the fan worked properly and I know one HVAC contractor to never use.B1200StudioMech 112

The insulation here will be all closed cell foam so not having extensive venting shouldn’t be a problem.B1200StudioMech 113

Paint samples part II. Getting closer.B1200StudioMech 114

Plumbing, in-floor heat and electrical in to the sauna changing room. This will also serve the conservatory above.B1200StudioMech 115

B1200StudioMech 116

The beginnings of a fireplace. We’d originally planned to do a full masonry fireplace but Hendel recommended this Isokern instead.

B1200StudioMech 118

B1200StudioMech 119

 We’re finally getting some warmer weather with temps getting in to the upper 30’s recently and snow starting to melt. We’re really looking forward to spring.