Second Level – Part II

More photos of the second level framing and first few roof trusses.

B1200Second02 100

Almost daily delivery of materials. Amazing how much these guys can go through in a day.B1200Second02 101

B1200Second02 102

B1200Second02 103

I’m not looking forward to the roof trusses over the garage that will minimize spare oom. I really like how it is now as kind of it’s own little structure on the second level.B1200Second02 104

B1200Second02 105

Structural Plans.B1200Second02 106

B1200Second02 107

B1200Second02 108

B1200Second02 109

B1200Second02 110

Making a stool is faster than driving to Menards.B1200Second02 111

B1200Second02 112

B1200Second02 113

Justin bust’n some moves. B1200Second02 116

B1200Second02 117

OK, not quite. Actually the professor doing his professor thing. Anyone under his tutelage is going to become an exceptional carpenter. This was really fun to watch.B1200Second02 114

B1200Second02 115

B1200Second02 120

B1200Second02 121

Ready for roof trusses!