Roof Trusses – Part I

I’m slowly getting caught up. Among other issues we’ve been battling a conflict between the posting app I like, Mars Edit, and my web hosts security need to limit the number of transactions per minute to prevent malicious attacks. This makes getting a post from Mars Edit a bit of a pain.

Today is a kind of interesting day each year. It’s the first day of the end of summer. There’s always one point about this time of year when you notice that it’s getting darker a lot earlier and so indicating that we’re on our way towards the much shorter days of winter. Last night driving home my wife said “it’s only 9 and already getting dark.” – the telltale sign. Today it gets noticeably darker about an hour and 30 minutes earlier than it did just a few weeks ago on 21 June when the sun set later and it never got as dark anytime during the night as it does now. 

The crane coming up our road. On the right is the bikeway that we ride to the grocery, pharmacy, wine shop, and a few different places to eat. It’s one of the primary reasons we chose to build here. Work with the crane had to be done in two parts. This first part is to get the steel beams in place and most of the roof trusses.

B1200Roof01 100

Executive ConferenceB1200Roof01 101

They’re quick. They got the steel beams in place and started working on trusses before I could get my drone up to capture it.B1200Roof01 102

Trusses going on west gable. Nick is working on the steel beams, Justin is standing on the wall to direct the crane operator, Sean and Dan are placing the trusses.B1200Roof01 103

A bunch of trusses are on across the main part of the house and now the garage.B1200Roof01 104

They’ve a good system down. 1) Nail on a support spacer.B1200Roof01 105

2) Gently position the truss.B1200Roof01 106

3) Rotate the support spacer down and nail it on.B1200Roof01 107

4) Next. B1200Roof01 108

Do not try this at home as it may not end well.
B1200Roof01 109

B1200Roof01 110

B1200Roof01 111

I’ll leave the Miley Cyrus comments up to others.
B1200Roof01 112

Floor decking going on in what will be my office.B1200Roof01 113

When you can’t get the color right just make it B&W and call it artistic.B1200Roof01 114

They leave plywood sheathing over the windows and doors until enough structure is above them that the walls won’t move. With the roof trusses on they can finally begin cutting them out. These are in the NW corner of the kitchen and will be counter height.B1200Roof01 115

A key reason we chose Murphy & Co architects and Hendel Homes. This is a very solid structure. There shouldn’t be any movement in any part of it for a century or more.B1200Roof01 116

A few of the many trusses yet to be placed.
B1200Roof01 117

Move a gob of wood or make a scaffold support to go around it.
B1200Roof01 118

Looking through Spare Oom (my wife’s office and coolest room in the house) in to Narnia (cold storage over the garage).B1200Roof01 119

Windows and door on the west end of the family room. It was fun to finally see this view.
B1200Roof01 120

Starting to look like a house.B1200Roof01 121

Our son and daughter-in-law came to visit for a few days so I got to take him up to see the loft.
B1200Roof01 122

My Office.B1200Roof01 123

Looking north across the loft from my office.B1200Roof01 124

Alie, our daughter-in-law had never seen the north shore of Lake Superior in the summer, only when we’d go up in the winter to go skiing. So, off we went for an enjoyable weekend in Larsmont, just north of Duluth. Given the Scandihoovian population a sauna is a must. On the horizon you can see an ocean freighter, called a Saltie, heading to Rotterdam NL.
B1200Roof01 125