Roof, Plumbing and Chimneys

Dan putting on roof sheathing.B1200RoofII 100

Terry and Chuck discussing the best approach to the center dormer.B1200RoofII 101

Dan needs more material.B1200RoofII 102

Sean cutting off truss rafters for fascia.B1200RoofII 104

Terry checking the dormer, Sean prepping for soffit & fascia, Dan doing his sheathing.. B1200RoofII 106

We had a bit of surprise in that the sewer line hadn’t been installed low enough to allow the necessary slope from the sauna so they had to run a direct line from the sauna to the sewer line outside of the house.B1200RoofII 103

B1200RoofII 105

Hopefully they replaced the drain tile properly before they filled this back in.B1200RoofII 107

Checking the slope on the sewer line. Something interesting I learned is that a sewer line cannot be too steep. They have to have slope so that everything flows but if they’re too steep the water will outrun everything else and leave a likely clog.
B1200RoofII 108

B1200RoofII 109

B1200RoofII 110

Justin taking care of details in the peak of the south gable.B1200RoofII 111

Nick working on the porch roof, Dan still doing sheathing, Kevin passing a bit of fascia to Sean, Justin taking care of details.B1200RoofII 112

It’s really starting to look like a house!B1200RoofII 113

Justin working on the south chimney. You can just see Terry’s feet on the plank below where he stands ready for Chuck to pass a stud to him so that he and Justin can lift it in to place. It was quite impressive watching them build the chimney frame. Video (of this and other fun stuff) to come.B1200RoofII 114

B1200RoofII 115

B1200RoofII 116

Once the stud is up Terry and Justin get it properly in place and nailed in. There’s no way I’d be up on the platform where Justin is and I’d likely not do what Terry is doing. They’re quite a ways up.B1200RoofII 117

Plumbing in the basement so that they can pour the basement slab and do all of the framing down here.
B1200RoofII 118

Justin contemplating the top of the chimney. If I remember correctly his quote was “Ugggh, my stomach doesn’t want to go up there.”B1200RoofII 119