Drying In & Windows

This past week was quite fun. We got to see the first of any final finishes with windows going in. This thing may become a house yet. (Above are the windows in the west facing shed dormer in the loft).

Kegan prepping a roughed-in opening for windows while roofers apply ice shield and paper. This will make the roof fairly weatherproof. Windows can’t go in until this is done as otherwise rain could damage the interiors of them. Ice shield is necessary to prevent water from back flowing in to the roof and house. Quite often in northern climates we’ll get a bit of snow melt that re-freezes on the eve’s and creates an ice dam. With more melt there can then be a lake of water behind this dam that will seep in without the ice shield to keep it out.B1200Win 100

Justin’s stomach going arghhhh. Even just watching this from solid ground gave me churns.B1200Win 101

The top of the chimney is about 54’ above ground level. That’s a long way up on a bouncy work frame.B1200Win 102

Pressure testing the plumbing beneath the basement slab.B1200Win 103

My sweetie’s balcony.B1200Win 104

Cantilever structure for the balcony. Strong enough that even I might be comfortable going out on it.B1200Win 105

Very cool that they put these temp rails on the balcony. I don’t think they’d provide any actual safety but they do make it just comfortable enough for me, much to the surprise of the framers, to step out on it.B1200Win 106

Hot & Cold water for the outdoor shower.B1200Win 107

It’s fun seeing some of the architectural details start to go on.B1200Win 108

B1200Win 109

Windows! This is about a quarter of them.B1200Win 110

One window in and another getting ready to be set.B1200Win 111

Bob (The Builder)™. It’s tough to get photos of this guy so this one will have to do. He’s the site super for Hendel and keeps things on track, brings ideas to us to make life in our new house a bit better, and just overall fun guy to have around. We’re very glad to have him on our project. BTW, note the custom sun shade that Sean made for keeping the sun out of his shop.B1200Win 112

B1200Win 114

Mudroom door.B1200Win 115

Taking out the trash — industrial style.B1200Win 116

Future courtyard gardens from the mudroom breezewayB1200Win 117

B1200Win 118

Bay window in premium guest room 🙂B1200Win 119

Loft looking south from the north end. The three doghouse dormers on the front of the house are along the left. Nearest opening on the right is the small shed dormer and then the larger shed dormer (photo at top of this page).B1200Win 121b