Heat Tube and Other Stuff

Fun week. When we arrived on Monday we found our cupola enjoying a warm overcast day. This came off of one of the older buildings at Macalester College. My wife saw a deal on a morning TV show about it and said that she thought it’d look good on our house. I and architects agreed. We’re excited that we were able to get it. Many thanks to Bob (The Builder)™ for checking it out for us and pronouncing it sound enough to work. Our architects Jeff & TJ had designed a bell cupola for over our garage and when we went to look at this one it was within inches of being the same size. Can’t wait to see it on our roof.

B1200Misc 100

B1200Misc 101

They’d had to cut out the concrete here for the steel beam that supports the porch fireplace and now it’s all patched. This will soon get some waterproofing.B1200Misc 102

Windows!B1200Misc 103

Concrete folks leveled out the basement and installed rigid foam insulation. Hopefully they’ll be able to pour the basement slab next week.B1200Misc 104

Justin and Kevin planning their attack for building the lower part of the main stairway. I was sorry to see that my goat ramp was gone and would not be a permanent part of our house.B1200Misc 105

B1200Misc 106

B1200Misc 107

Kind of looks like an abandoned building with all of the weeds.B1200Misc 109

Different trusses had to be made for a couple of places.
B1200Misc 110

Yes, the windows! They’ve also furred out the wall to create a shade pocket above the windows. Note the reinforcing in the ceiling above. This is one well-built house. B1200Misc 111

B1200Misc 112

A nice bikeway – a key bit of why we purchased where we did. Here we are just getting back from having ridden to dinner which is in the village about 1.7 miles behind us. My wife is riding her Workcycles Gr8, her favorite bike.B1200Misc 113

Select Mechanical installing the tubing for the in-floor hydronic heat in the basement. A warm floor makes a big difference during cold Minnesota winters. These guys were pretty meticulous in making sure everything was as it should be.B1200Misc 114

B1200Misc 115

B1200Misc 116

B1200Misc 117