Wally’s Water World and more

We noticed a bit of a hiccup this week. The casement and awning windows were supposed to all be push to open to match the historical style of our house. Some were, some not.

Chuck working on the base for our cupola.B1200Wallys 101

No more goat ramp 🙁  But this is looking nice.B1200Wallys 102

Water is insidious. It goes places and finds ways to get inside. Preventing water from getting in is critical and requires some solid expertise… 

Carlo from Wally’s Waterproofing getting some rubberized asphalt.B1200Wallys 103

Justin getting ready to pour the second layer. This is our front stoop and is being waterproofed for ‘the room under the front stoop’ that is now officially the wine room. The rubberized asphalt he’s holding is about 400°.B1200Wallys 104

First they put down a layer of rubberized asphalt, then add reinforcement bits where necessary, then a layer of fiber cloth, then more rubberized asphalt (below) that is topped with the final layer of grey membrane.B1200Wallys 105

Cupola base pieces.B1200Wallys 106

B1200Wallys 107

Now it’s on to the back porch and waterproofing the portion over the lower level guest bedroom.B1200Wallys 108

Reinforcement pieces over the concrete just poured earlier this week to seal up the steel beam under the porch fireplace.B1200Wallys 109

Rubberized asphalt over the reinforcements.B1200Wallys 110

A big bit of reinforcement.B1200Wallys 111

Sutti carefully finishing the top layer of the front stoop.B1200Wallys 113

When they pour the basement slab they’ll work their way back to the stairwell. So, Justin built them a platform to work from and a ladder to climb out. Otherwise, like Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel we might have permanent residents stuck in our basement.B1200Wallys 114

Reinforcement bits are done so they’re doing the first layer of rubberized asphalt and fabric.B1200Wallys 115

And the final layer.B1200Wallys 116

We were quite surprised to see the cupola already up on the roof.
B1200Wallys 117

Internal bracing.B1200Wallys 118

Now to decide if the finished base under the cupola should be octagonal to match the cupola or square to match the original base and that the corner transitions are still on for.B1200Wallys 119