Cast of Characters – Framers

Great crew of folks (or characters:-) from JerCo doing the framing.  Watching these guys work with each other as I have on a daily basis (sorry guys) over the past several months is a lesson in how to run a great team. One of the most amazing bits is that everyone worked so well together and showed such high regard for each other that I couldn’t tell who was the boss which speaks quite highly of these guys.

They’re also extremely patient. How’d you like to have some guy running around with a camera where you work almost every day?

In former days I wrote for woodworking and handyman magazines which I really loved. It’s fun seeing how things go together and how different people do things and I may enjoy watching the building process as much as living in the finished product. 

The Team:

Justin ‘The Professor’. Ford ran an ad campaign that said Quality Is Job One. For Justin I think Quality Is The Job.B1200Framers 101

NickB1200Framers 102

Terry & Justin. The team within the team.
B1200Framers 105

Dan. Proud papa of new baby born yesterday!B1200Framers 106

This Barred Owl watches over everything many days. There’s also Crandall the crow that visits frequently and will sit on something and watch all of the work.B1200Framers 100

B1200Framers 107

B1200Framers 108

Terry keeps everyone focused, the project on track, and his feet on the ground (like literally, he doesn’t like heights any more than I do). B1200Framers 109

B1200Framers 110

Kegan, Terry and Nick.B1200Framers 112

Dan. Gotta like a guy who proudly sports red shades.B1200Framers 113

Sean (Kegan’s rightfully proud dad)B1200Framers 114

Sean and TerryB1200Framers 115

Dan and KeganB1200Framers 116

KevinB1200FramersA 112Chuck

B1200FramersA 114

Kevin, Sean and ChuckB1200FramersA 113

B1200Framers 111