Second Floor Walls

It seems that producing lots of video footage on a daily basis from drones and other cameras eats up disk space rather quickly. 🙂 I wasn’t paying proper attention and found myself in a bit of a storage space bind that took some time to sort but all seems well now. Our builder also seems to want us to make decisions on stuff before they do things. And then there’s all that writing and photography totally unrelated to this blog.

So poorer selection. Poorer editing. Poorer narration. But getting stuff up on the blog. Hopefully caught up by the end of this week.

Back porch roof trusses!

B1200Sec01 100

I really want to make a comment about stairway to heaven. I’ll spare you.B1200Sec01 101

First wall on the second level. Note the roof trusses over the back porch that they had to get in place before they could build the bay window in the guest room.B1200Sec01 102

Family! Primary reason for this place we’re building. We’ve been really blessed with great family (and so far two good choices in nephew-in-laws!). I’d really love to know what Kris is expounding upon at this moment. Clockwise: Kris, Nick, Matt (cool addition who belongs to Andrea), someone (we always seem to have an extra guest or two and usually someone knows who they are), Andrea, Olivia. BTW, one of the greatest honors of my life was Andrea and Matt asking me to officiate their wedding in San Fransisco last year. Happy first anniversary to you guys!B1200Sec01 103

B1200Sec01 104

We also had to put a new roof on our current home. Our builder in 1988 put the wrong shingles on and so gave us a chunk of discount instead of re roofing. It took us 30 years to get the correct color on.B1200Sec01 105

Old ripped off and new roof on in a single day. They were warned that my wife maintains a burial ground for people who damage her gardens. Fortunately no new graves were necessary.B1200Sec01 106

Nearly complete second level.B1200Sec01 107

Justin thought a goat ramp at the bottom of our stairs would add a bit of down home ‘Bama feel for me. I agree but my wife and others think we should do a more traditional stair landing. I think the goat ramp is growing on them so we’ll see.B1200Sec01 108

A bit of time spent sorting trusses and getting them where they need to go before the crane comes.B1200Sec01 109

Growing pile of excess lumber.B1200Sec01 110

B1200Sec01 111

B1200Sec01 112

Sean putting roof trusses on ‘spare oom’ while Nick stands ready to pass him another one.B1200Sec01 113

Dan displaying finesse and muscle as he attaches boards to some steel beams.B1200Sec01 114

Terry displaying balance and agility with a nail gun. Having built a few things myself it’s fun watching these guys and seeing how they do things. Framing nailers are about 10 lbs. I’m worn out after an hour or two with mine and start to have difficulty aiming, these guys go all day long.B1200Sec01 115

B1200Sec01 117

B1200Sec01 118

B1200Sec01 119

B1200Sec01 120

B1200Sec01 121

Braces. Lots and lots of braces.B1200Sec01 122

We’ve a water feature in the breezeway to our mudroom. Bob (The Builder)™ came by and drilled lots of holes to allow most of it to drain. Unfortunately we’ve had more than a few rain storms throughout the project.B1200Sec01 123

North elevation. The 5 window shed is ‘Spare oom’. Bob (The Builder)™ thinks this the coolest room in the house. I might have to agree.B1200Sec01 124