The long coming very late Spring

We are experiencing the latest spring arrival since I moved from Alabama to Minnesota. Last year we put our dock in on 4 April. (Lakes freeze in Winter so docks get crushed by shifting ice if left in.)



I frequently enjoyed riding my bicycle to work outside at one of my favorite cafés.

IMG 2035


And our garden was a delight for us (and local ducks who came to visit).



This year our lake is still frozen. (And for southerners, those are tracks from trucks, cars and snowmobiles.)

Frozen Lake


And on this fine 14 April we’ve 8-12” of fresh snow coming to our garden. This will likely be the coldest and snowiest April in Minnesota history. 

April Snow


And, today is the first time ever that there has been a blanket blizzard warning for the entire Twin Cities metro area. Here we have a good 200’ but visibility is down to 10’ in places.

Blizzard April 2018