The Great April Blizzard of 2018

My thought with this blog was to begin in April and write about Minnesota’s glorious Spring, Summer and Fall. This before delving in to winter which is actually quite enjoyable most years but viewed rather disparagingly by many folks south of the Mason-Dixon line. Minnesota’s weather had other plans.

Spring lasted much longer than usual this year and we even got a record breaking blizzard to celebrate. Over two days we received 21” at our house and 17” five miles away where we are building our new place. This storm ranked somewhere between 8th and 12th on the all time snowstorms list but was the heaviest April blizzard in Twin Cities history.

But first, let’s talk a bit about Minnesotans and weather. Minnesotan’s are proud of our weather. We revel in it. Twin Cities TV stations are at the top of the list for weather people across the nation because they get more air time here than anywhere else. As this storm approached everyone was outwardly saying “oh my, when will this winter be over” and inwardly were hoping for 200” of snow to brag about. As I sit here today I’m thrilled that spring is finally arriving but thrilled we had this record breaking storm.

Last week the snow was melting and bulbs were starting to push up through the still frozen ground.

B1200Bliz 2144

B1200Bliz 2153


Construction was starting

B1200Bliz 2174

And then BAM!

B1200Bliz 0760


B1200Bliz 0753


B1200Bliz 0750


B1200Bliz 0749


A blizzard like this between November and March is normal (and kind of fun). But 14 April? Seriously? It began on Friday afternoon and continued through the night, all day Saturday and that night.

B1200Bliz 0764


I often miss my son, some days more than others. This Sunday morning I was missing him about 21” worth. 🙂

B1200Bliz 0778


B1200Bliz 0779


B1200Bliz 0782

So, a taste of Minnesota! 

Yes, the weather packs a wallop sometimes and we sometimes wonder why we stay here rather than move to some place warm, but in the end it’s home and we do love it.