Snow and Final Excavation

We had a record breaking (for April) blizzard over the weekend. 21” of snow at our house and 17” at the site. Excavators were busy Monday clearing snow from other worksites so no work at our place. Tue morning started off with clearing snow and then final excavation. Fortunately this area is sandy enough that the melt percolated in quickly so they were able to continue working. If this were clay or soil they would have had to wait a week or two for it to melt and soak in.

They’ve cleared most of the snow. Today is final grade day where everything will be at final grade to within about 1”.

2018 w16a 0001

Our own mountain peak.

2018 w16a 0004

View from the east.

2018 w16a 0002

Looking south from over our lot. 17” of fresh snow made for some happy snowmobilers.

2018 w16a 0003


Making progress with final grades for the footings.

2018 w16a 0005