This big news here is that the floors have been uncovered!  It’s really beginning to feel like a place to live instead of a construction project.

This seems a silly photo but there’s a lot behind it. It took us about four months and pressure from our city who holds the franchise agreement, our state and the FCC to get Comcast to install internet for us. B1200Uncovered 100

Bob recommending a height for the bar that holds the handheld shower in the master.B1200Uncovered 101

B1200Uncovered 102

Boots w/ plywood attached to them to stomp down the edge.B1200Uncovered 103

The apartment we’ve lived in for the past several weeks since selling our house.
B1200Uncovered 104

Jersey girl Alie says there’s only one way to know if the pasta is ready.
B1200Uncovered 105

Olive promising treats. Löyly is the combination of heat, steam and humidity produced by a sauna stove so a good beverage for us.B1200Uncovered 106

A bit of heartache.  Balanced on top is one of the first ‘large’ dimmer systems I made. Eighteen 2.4kw and six 6kw dimmers were in that rack. It lit Little River Band, Kansas, Phil Keaggy, The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, John Prine, Randy Stonehill, John McLoughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Alabama, Hotel, Crimson Tide and even that perennial favorite Peaches & Herb.  B1200Uncovered 107

Dan, Sam and Aaron finishing up the kitchen and fireplace on the porch.B1200Uncovered 108

Plants! Amazing what a little bit of green does.B1200Uncovered 109

Vent covers ready to be painted.B1200Uncovered 110

Hooks in the guest bath.B1200Uncovered 111

A bit of touch up painting in the LL bathroom.B1200Uncovered 112

Floor vents ready for the uncovering.
B1200Uncovered 113

Checking to see if Falu Red on the studio will look OK. If you look close you’ll see hundreds (thousands actually) of little shinny things all over. B1200Uncovered 114

Here’s a close up. The hatch is really quite amazing. Typically this is about a two day affair but this year it was more like a week.B1200Uncovered 115

B1200Uncovered 116

My sweetie and I had lunch on the porch for the first time while we were waiting on Marita and Co.B1200Uncovered 117

Uncovered!  What an amazing transformative difference this made.B1200Uncovered 118

B1200Uncovered 119

There were a few of these in the lower level where we had to use engineered instead of solid wood. Perry is planning to replace them soon.B1200Uncovered 120

Shawn’s World.B1200Uncovered 121

We had to remove more trees than I thought. I’ll be very glad when we get some new ones and they grow a little bit.
B1200Uncovered 122

B1200Uncovered 123

B1200Uncovered 124

One of our favorite restaurants that we frequently ride out bicycles to. The old much smaller outdoor seating filled up fast so for us there’s one big benefit to Covid – AMPLE OUTDOOR SEATING!  This is a quite enjoyable place to eat and many in the area are hoping that they keep it.B1200Uncovered 125