First Interior Finish

I’ve fallen behind on posts. Hopefully I’ll catch up in the next couple of days. 🙂

Lower level is buffed and ready to be finished. We’re actually not doing any stain on the lower level or upper level floors because we like the natural wood. We are having to stain the main level french oak though since it is lighter. 

B1200FIF 100

José fitting a stone.B1200FIF 101

Braden sanding the bullnose edge in prep for finish.
B1200FIF 102

Romero digging out where the walkways will be.B1200FIF 103

B1200FIF 104

Perry applying stain on a sample. B1200FIF 105

Perry, Bob, Krysta, Marita and my sweetie (behind Marita) discussing wood finishes.B1200FIF 106

Pedro cutting trim for the studio. We’re glad to have Pedro working on this project. Good guy and does quality work.B1200FIF 107

Luis checking his work after cutting off some sheathing.B1200FIF 108

Pedro sprays any exposed edges. This will help to keep moisture out of the wood and reduce problems of swelling and cracking.B1200FIF 109

Upper level hallway buffed and ready for finish.B1200FIF 110

We had a number of rain storms this year. The porch is a quite nice place to sit during them.
B1200FIF 111

After walking back to our car my sweetie commented “The rain is making everything wet!”B1200FIF 112

A patch so that the floor is perfectly level before wood floor is installed.B1200FIF 113

Upper level hallway and a bedroom after finish is applied. B1200FIF 114

B1200FIF 115

Master bedroom with several samples of french oak as we tried to match the french oak to the unstained white oak.B1200FIF 116

Lower level hallway. This had to be engineered wood since it’s on top of cement which is also heated w/ hydronic tubing. It’s a bit more varied than the solid wood in the upper level.B1200FIF 117

Dominoes blocking 6 parking spaces for no reason. Outside of the U.S. you never see large trucks like this used for local deliveries. Smaller trucks have a much smaller impact on the neighborhoods. Needless to say, this didn’t make me a fan of Dominoes.B1200FIF 118

French oak samples.B1200FIF 119

Some of the knots weren’t filled properly and so the lighter filler got in them. This isn’t a problem if the floor is stained but without stain these mistakes stick out and will be fixed just prior to the final finish being applied in Feb.B1200FIF 120

Pedro and Luis getting ready to begin installing siding on the studio.B1200FIF 121

B1200FIF 122

More samples. It’s tough to match a different variety of wood.B1200FIF 123

Dan and Sam install protective flooring of the finished wood floor. There’s a layer of fiber cloth, then paper, then masonite.B1200FIF 124

B1200FIF 125