Back To The Stone Age

Stone Mason Dan, wisely, will not put up too high of tented scaffolding in winter because the winds blow quite hard against it. So he did what he could during the winter and came back a couple of weeks ago to begin finishing up.

First order of business is finishing the tops of the chimneys. 

B1200SA 100

Lots of scaffold.B1200SA 101

B1200SA 102

Dan using a torch to dry the mortar a bit faster so that he can broom it.
B1200SA 103


Another perspective – looking south. You can see the high windows in the shop/studio.B1200SA 104

This is where the garden room will be. A bit of time has been invested in studying shade patterns. Hopefully those new white pines don’t grow too fast.
B1200SA 106


The foundation for the conservatory was designed 7” narrower than it was supposed to be so the stone masons are having to build it out. We could have really used that extra 7” down in the sauna too so this is doubly disappointing.B1200SA 107

B1200SA 108

Ready for the ConservatoryB1200SA 109


A crane lifting the steel support structure for the chimney cap.
B1200SA 115


With the support structure in place Dan, Sam and Aaron are guiding the limestone chimney cap in to place.B1200SA 111

B1200SA 112

Terry and Jeremy guide the steel support for the south chimney in to place. Dan is on the roof relaying hand signals to the crane operator.B1200SA 113

1400 lbs of limestone chimney cap for the south chimney.
B1200SA 116

B1200SA 117

B1200SA 118


Dan and Aaron prepping a wall for stone.B1200SA 119

And the wall getting stoned.B1200SA 120

Larger stones like this are called jumpers.
B1200SA 121