Worm Sex & Transitioning To Summer

Sadly the tulips don’t last long (but what a wonderful way to launch in to warmer weather). But wait, there’s more (RIP Billy Mays).

Even the worms get excited this time of year. They must have really been focused because usually as I approach they snap back in to their holes like lightning.

B1200Btrans 100

Crabs (Royal Raindrops) are quite spectacular.

B1200Btrans 101

After the tulips die it’s time to pull them all up and put in bedding plants for the year. I don’t think we’ve ever had the same arrangements – always something different.

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B1200Btrans 104

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B1200Btrans 106

B1200Btrans 107

One of my first chores each spring is to get the pond and fountains going again.

B1200Btrans 108

B1200Btrans 110

The beginning of the end for the crab blossoms. Many years the garden room will be so covered in petals that it looks like it snowed. This year it seemed to spread out over a much longer time so they never built up as much.B1200Btrans 111

These tulips will be gone in a few days to be replaced by the trays (and trays and trays) of bedding plants.

B1200Btrans 112

B1200Btrans 113

B1200Btrans 114

Yes, Minnesota does have azaleas. This is a Northern Lights developed by the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

B1200Btrans 115