Concrete Pour Part II

We’ve been here before, only not quite here… We’re going higher now.

These first four are pouring the walls for the sauna that will support the conservatory. These forms are all on top of the 6’ of footings that were poured for this area the first time around.

B1200Bfil 100

B1200Bfil 101

B1200Bfil 102

B1200Bfil 103


A helping hand from a friend when you need a little extra concrete.

B1200Bfil 104


Pouring the window well on the north side.B1200Bfil 105


This big open space will be a grass terrace. The part that’s poured are the footings for the steps down to the yard. That entire terrace space will be filled with dirt. The footings for the steps are at back yard level so everything around that will be filled in.

B1200Bfil 106

Speculation over fish in our lake.

B1200Bfil 107


Here’s what we’re left with once the forms all all removed. I learned from the estimable Bob Caswell that the exterior insulation (orange stuff) on the concrete walls is intended to get wet. It not only protects the waterproofing on the walls from being damaged by rocks but water runs down it to the drain tile which helps to keep the concrete walls dry. Very cool.

B1200Bfil 108

Ready for waterproofing, a bit more drain tile and backfill.

B1200Bfil 109