Framing: Lower Level

Laying out the initial lines. Get these wrong and nothing but problems the rest of the way so they took a day to make sure this was all spot on.

B1200Fr01 100

Engineered Studs and laminated plans.

B1200Fr01 101

B1200Fr01 102

B1200Fr01 103

Construction quality is for us as important, or more so, than level of finish and one reason why we chose Rick Hendel to build our house. Engineered studs (orange) are solid and perfectly straight. They’re much better for openings like these windows and the door in to the mechanical room than standard dimension lumber. They’re also a lot heavier and a pain to cut.

B1200Fr01 104

B1200Fr01 105

New toy. We used to use cranes from Pettibone for lighting and audio at festivals so this brought back some rock & roll memories.

B1200Fr01 106

B1200Fr01 107

As my brother-in-law said, this is the natural state of wood. It will flatten out once it gets weight on it.

B1200Fr01 108

Who needs a floor? The top of a wall will do.

B1200Fr01 109

B1200Fr01 110

Steel beam to help support the porch and porch fireplace.

B1200Fr01 111

B1200Fr01 112

Small trusses too.

B1200Fr01 113

3M, great company.

B1200Fr01 114

B1200Fr01 115

B1200Fr01 116

From the exercise room through the rec room to a nice view of the lake.

B1200Fr01 117

B1200Fr01 118

B1200Fr01 119

B1200Fr01 120

The sub-floor is a bit lower in the Breezeway to accommodate the stone floor. Once finished the stone in the breezeway and wood in the rest will be the same level. Yes, that’s why flooring had to be determined so early in the building process.

B1200Fr01 121