The first couple of weeks of June are major blossom time. Perhaps the biggest show are the Peonies. I neglected to get many good photos of them but I did get these two as they were on their way out.

B1200Bloss 100

B1200Bloss 101

An Allium emerging from its shell.

B1200Bloss 102

Planning the hanging basket arrangements.

B1200Bloss 103

For years we kept several Koi in our pond and each spring I’d add a bunch of marsh plants. A hard winter (and a hungry garter snake named Fred) took care of them a couple of years ago so I’ve been letting the Lilies do their thing.

B1200Bloss 105

B1200Bloss 106

A couple of leftover visitors from years past; Iris and Allium.

B1200Bloss 107

B1200Bloss 108

Occasionally the Alliums and Foxtail bloom together but many years the Foxtails lag behind. This year the Foxtails are just starting their bloom as the Alliums are finishing.B1200Bloss 109

B1200Bloss 110


Wrens are fun to watch but they can be very protective of their babies and swoop at the head gardener. When they began checking out the local real estate market and moving in (lead photo) I was asked to deal with them. Yes, I do feel a bit guilty.

B1200Bloss 111

Red Poppies, a pink Peony and an ever present Peony Ant (on the bud head)B1200Bloss 112

B1200Bloss 113

Lilac trees not only put on a great blooming display but scent the entire area. I could smell it from where I was taking the photo.

B1200Bloss 114

One of our Tamaracks in full leaf.

B1200Bloss 115

Minnesota has an increasing number of bikeways that are often heavily used for transportation and recreation. People like this landscaper that have no consideration for others are not welcome in our communities. This is especially dangerous because children riding here may veer in to oncoming traffic to get around the blockage.B1200Bloss 116

These guys, just a quarter mile over the hill from the imbeciles, are more considerate and park where they should.B1200Bloss 117

My sweetie took me to one of my favorite restaurants for fathers day – Meritage. We were fortunate that we had one of the fully covered tables so when the rains came we could continue to enjoy a beautiful evening.B1200Bloss 118

The rains only lasted about 30 minutes and cleared out about 9 pm.B1200Bloss 119

The last of the Peonies and the first I thought to photograph. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had huge vases of 20 or more scattered around.B1200Bloss 120