Tulips !

One very cool (literally) bit about living in Minnesota is being able to grow lots and lots of tulips. Tulips need either a period of really cold weather or for some of them actual freezing in order to bloom.

Remember those bulbs that were pushing up through the frost a few weeks ago? Here they are last October. In a typical year we’ll plant 1200 to 1600 bulbs and they all have to be in the ground before it freezes.



But so worth it come Spring!

B1200Tul 3599

B1200Tul 3557

B1200Tul 3577

B1200Tul 3590

B1200Tul 3593

B1200Tul 3657

B1200Tul 3660

B1200Tul 3663

B1200Tul 3681

B1200Tul 3685

B1200Tul 3695

B1200Tul 3696

B1200Tul 3702

B1200Tul 3720

B1200Tul 3725

B1200Tul 3734