Spring Weather and Forming Up Walls (part I)

On Sunday night the pallets of wall forms lay waiting for the crew on Monday morning

B1200WallForms 0008

Who soon had the garage done and were making headway on the breezeway.

 B1200WallForms 0013

And on they went throughout the week…

B1200WallForms 1070

B1200WallForms 0011

B1200WallForms 0012

B1200WallForms 1067


B1200WallForms 1072

These guys were amazingly sure footed as they climbed around getting all of the right pieces in place.

B1200WallForms 1085

Da Bosses! Guy in grey is Bob the builder. Great guy that we’re really glad to have working on our project. Guy in the green is the concrete guy and along with his crew more folks we’re glad to have on our project. They know what they’re doing and do it right.

B1200WallForms 1093

B1200WallForms 1098