Cement Pump!

Pumping started early Friday morning. First they filled in the edges of the larger pads as otherwise the weight of that much concrete would push it all out from under the forms. Then they began working their way around the site and came back to the larger pads at the end. 86 yds of concrete in the footings (less than half of that is for the house itself). Great crew that worked well together.

2018 w16c 0001

IMG 0963

IMG 0964

2018 w16c 0002

2018 w16c 0003

2018 w16c 0007

IMG 0951

The three large pads with edge concrete but not yet filled are for retaining walls as are all of the footings to the left (north) of the largest pad. Less than half of the footings are for the house itself. See the yellow jacket laying on the ground? That’s in our kitchen (approx our range). The wall just below that, with the square in the middle, is the lake facing west wall of the house. Everything else below that is for retaining walls.

2018 w16c 0004

2018 w16c 0005

2018 w16c 0006

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They removed the forms for the footings, laid out the lines for the walls, dropped in the wall forms and went home for our first nice weekend of this very delayed spring.

IMG 1044

IMG 1045