Wired & Stoned

Lots happening this week. The stone folks showed up on a quite warm and sunny Sunday (42°f) to setup their scaffolding to begin the stonework.

B1200WiredStoned 100

I’m hoping to do a post on frozen lake life but wanted to share this – four ice rinks a few doors south of us.B1200WiredStoned 101

Lots of wire being pulled.
B1200WiredStoned 102

I’d never seen wire chases like these before. We’re the first house they’ve used them on. Very cool the way they work.
B1200WiredStoned 103

Krause (electrical folks) brought their own furnace to bolster the one’s already in. This was a very nice place to stand.B1200WiredStoned 104

Lots of people here at once.B1200WiredStoned 105

Dan and Bob discussing stone installation. B1200WiredStoned 106

B1200WiredStoned 107

B1200WiredStoned 108

Dan has his own little furnace to keep things warm inside his scaffold tent.B1200WiredStoned 109

Discussing numerous issues. From left; Bob, Marita (Kipling House Interiors), Rick Hendel, Lynn (Project Admin), Da Boss.
B1200WiredStoned 110

The lower part has been finished and brushed. He needs to let the upper part sit for an hour or two before finishing it. He keeps it about 50°f inside the tent where he’s working.B1200WiredStoned 111

Wire.B1200WiredStoned 112

Aaron brushing the joints and cleaning up the stone.B1200WiredStoned 113

More progress on the roof. I wish we didn’t have so many mechanical penetrations.B1200WiredStoned 114

I’ve a soft spot for cute chics.B1200WiredStoned 115

B1200WiredStoned 116

B1200WiredStoned 117

B1200WiredStoned 118

B1200WiredStoned 119