Dock Out and Exterior Trim

We were in Argentina and Chile for a bit shooting cities, fashion, mountains, glaciers, penguins and puma cubs looking for momma (who snuck up behind us). So, a bit behind on posts.

B1200PumaCubs 100


Our lakes freeze during winter. And then the ice sheet moves around a little bit. And in spring the ice can move around a lot as it breaks up. Docks and the posts that hold them don’t stand a chance against the moving ice so our docks and boat lifts have to be removed every fall and reinstalled every spring.

B1200DockTrim 100


Miller Mobile Marine are doing our dock and our neighbors Jim and Kathy’s at the same time. Below he’s using his barge to move one of our neighbors lifts over a bit so that there’s room for ours (above). 

B1200DockTrim 101

Putting Jim and Kathy’s lift up on their beach. You can see that everyone else already has their docks out. We’re a bit late doing it on 30 Oct.

B1200DockTrim 103

All stored for winter.

B1200DockTrim 104

B1200DockTrim 105

Chris and Dan have been busy with exterior trim details.

B1200DockTrim 106

Dan trimming out the north windows of Spare Oom.

B1200DockTrim 107

Chris is a true Minnesotan. It’s 24°f and he’s still able to do extremely accurate cuts. I was one layer (and a few brain cells) short the day I shot this and was getting uncomfortably cold. It’s really not a good idea to not dress properly during winter.

B1200DockTrim 108

B1200DockTrim 109

B1200DockTrim 110


Our lake has begun to get a thin bit of ice covering it by the first week in Nov. We can’t walk on it yet but I did see some ducks walking across it.

B1200DockTrim 111


The concrete folks placed blankets on the floor of the sauna and then propped this bit of foam against the door in hopes of keeping the ground warm enough to be able to pour concrete. They’ll also need to pour concrete between the sauna and the door on the left so I was surprised they’d not layed blankets down there.

B1200DockTrim 112