2nd Trusses


Sporting red today.

B1200Truss2 100

Kitchen windows in NE corner.

B1200Truss2 101

More lumber.

B1200Truss2 103

Remember Terry’s comment about the Gehl not being as smooth and accurate as the Pettibone? 

B1200Truss2 104

Yep, hanging from the truss. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the making of this photo (but I do wish I had video of it). These guys are all part acrobat and need to be for what they’re doing. 

B1200Truss2 105

B1200Truss2 106

B1200Truss2 107

B1200Truss2 108

B1200Truss2 109

The back porch roof is taking shape.

B1200Truss2 110

The breezeway is a bit of an obstacle course. 

B1200Truss2 111

By the end of the day yesterday (Monday) the second level deck was on, a few roof trusses over the patio and some sole plates for showers were down.

B1200Deck2 100

We’ve had more than a few amazing sunsets the past couple of weeks. Our dock to the left and looking across our very patient neighbors Pat & Michael’s dock about 9:30p on June 23.

B1200Truss2 102