Thawing Neighborhood

Snow is finally melting.

Looking east from over our former cabin and future home on 27 April. Yes, Minnesota is rather flat. Our pile may be the highest point in the area. (Update: A geography friend determined it is the 2nd highest known point in the county. The highest being just west of us on the other side of the lake.)

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Looking south from our new home. We are quite sad to leave our current neighborhood and friends, many whom we’ve known for nearly 30 years and others we’ve gotten to know better over more recent years, but our new neighbors are quite wonderful and we’re looking forward to many more great get-togethers with them.

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A couple of days later the lake is beginning to show signs of liquid but with only one day left in April we’re assured of a May ‘ice out’ even with the 80°f temps we’re enjoying.

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