Frost I

A sampling of a number of issues with Loewen windows and doors. 


Safety Issue

The balances that hold the sashes up are comprised of a single string attached on one end to a pin via a hole and a knot in the string and similarly to the upper pulley block.  If the pin comes out or breaks, either knot comes undone, the string breaks or the spring breaks then the sash can come down with its full weight as we saw happen in the master bath. If someone had been leaning out of this window, such as my wife does frequently to tend to window boxes, then they could certainly be killed. This appears to be a risk of all Loewen double hung windows.




Air Leaks / Moisture Leaks / Frost

I believe these are all Loewen Windows/Doors. I’ve not included the two worst, the door from the office to the cold storage that is a solid block of ice along the bottom nor the front door that we know needs a full length sweep.

Most of these appear to be air leaks (and yes, that is daylight that you can see between the sash’s and frames) either in the windows or the insulation. With many of these you can feel the air movement. The second from the right window in the Living Room gets frost on the lower part of the upper sash much more than the other four windows along there and it is also one we’ve had the most problems with.

The one exterior door that does not have frost is the LL Rec Room Sauna Patio door – which is also the door that is becoming increasingly difficult and almost impossible to open.

East and South facing windows have little to no frost. North facing are moderate. West facing seem the worst.

Interior relative humidity was 18% when these photos were taken.


Informal Dining French Doors West:B1200Frost 100

B1200Frost 101

Master West French:B1200Frost 102

Master French Doors:B1200Frost 104

Master West facing Window:B1200Frost 106

LL West Lake Door:B1200Frost 108

B1200Frost 109

LL West Window:B1200Frost 110

LL West Window:B1200Frost 110

LL West Window:B1200Frost 111


Living Room North Porch?:B1200Frost 113

Living Room West Window:B1200Frost 114

Living Room West Window:B1200Frost 115

Living Room West Window:B1200Frost 116

Living Room West Window:B1200Frost 117

Living Room West Window (melted water):B1200Frost 118

Kitchen West:B1200Frost 119

Living Room West:B1200Frost 120

B1200Frost 121

Living Room West:B1200Frost 122

Living Room West (daylight through what should be sealed):B1200Frost 123

Living Room West (More daylight between sash & frame):B1200Frost 124

Living Room West (more daylight (7 post-it notes worth)):B1200Frost 125


Loft (4th floor/attic) East Dormer (note ice also in track): LoewenXLEast01


Loewen Windows. West facing in living room:Loewen01


Integrity Windows. South facing in studio: